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Double-Take AvailabilityDouble-Take Availability

Absolute workload protection, high availability and total mobility for Linux servers

Vision Solutions’ Double-Take® Availability for Linux is the market’s first real-time high availability and disaster recovery solution to offer agent-based protection options for physical, virtual or cloud servers. Administrators can protect the entire workload or just the application data, to optimise for different environments. Businesses of all sizes can take advantage of full-scale protection at an affordable, everything’s-in-the-box price. Double-Take is platform, storage and hardware agnostic and reduces your overall operating costs by optimising existing infrastructure and scaling with whatever you build in the future.

How Double-Take® Availability for Linux works

Double-Take provides complete data protection for Linux servers and enables near-instant recovery from any server outage.

By continuously capturing and asynchronously replicating all changes, in real-time, to any storage, across any distance, locally or globally, Double-Take ensures that you won’t lose any data or suffer through downtime.

Supports common distributions such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, and Ubuntu.


Versatile agent-based protection
Double-Take is the first HA/DR solution on the market to offer agent-based protection that flexes to fit your RPO goals. Double-Take protects your critical data or entire physical or virtual servers.

Complete protection for physical, cloud and virtual servers
If you can’t afford critical applications and servers being down, Double-Take offers real-time protection and near-instant recovery on any combination of physical, cloud or virtual servers. You’ll get better application availability with our patented technology, which allows flexible, granular recovery for files, directories and entire servers.

One definitive, unified solution with no add-ons necessary
Double-Take automatically creates and auto-provisions your VMware virtual DR environment. Just use the Double-Take Console to be automatically notified of any critical issues.

Total anything-to-anything data and workload mobility
Moving data or workloads doesn’t have to be a white-knuckle experience. Double-Take moves critical data and complete workloads from any combination of physical, virtual or cloud based servers.

Empowers IT infrastructure evolution
Double-Take gives you complete flexibility when designing a recovery plan. Because it’s application and hardware independent, you can structure protection for any combination of servers across any distance, any way that you like. As your IT infrastructure evolves and changes, Double-Take Availability adapts with whatever new technologies you choose.

High-value, affordable solution
Vision Solutions is the global leader in multi-platform IT business continuity solutions. Our trusted solutions work on your existing hardware, storage and WAN infrastructure and are bandwidth efficient – you won’t need to buy special hardware to protect your servers.