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MIMIX DR MIMIX Availability

Complete, affordable disaster recovery for IBM i

MIMIX DR gets your small to medium-sized business running quickly again after an outage – and eliminates the financial risks of lost data

Say goodbye to inconvenient tape backups and the financial and business risk of missing data and slow recovery. Tape backups and other point-in-time replication technologies can leave serious – and expensive – gaps in your data protection strategy. When your production system fails, the data generated since the last backup is lost.

Switch to MIMIX DR, the complete and affordable disaster recovery solution for entry-level IBM i servers. Designed specifically for small to medium-sized businesses, MIMIX DR provides data and application protection and faster recovery that you can count on. With MIMIX DR's 24/7 real-time replication, your data and applications are protected to the point of failure with failover to the DR system when needed. Your recovery server can be located on-premises, off-site or in the cloud. You can recover your information to a new or repaired server when you are ready.

Get help from the experts in data protection and high availability. Vision Solutions has been protecting thousands of businesses and billions of pounds in critical workloads for more than 20 years.

MIMIX DR is tailored to meet the business requirements and budgetary constraints of your small to medium-sized company. We know that you have to consider every investment you make in technology in terms of today's budget and future long-term value. MIMIX DR offers several flexible implementation scenarios for any budget, including managed service and cloud-hosted offerings from Vision Solutions' global network of partners.

  • Allows you to satisfy regulatory mandates for data loss and downtime accountability with one solution
  • Ongoing maintenance is minimal, keeping operational costs low
  • Enables queries and tape backups to be run against replicated data, eliminating production server downtime
  • Jump-start your implementation with Quick Start Services from Vision Solutions. Click here to learn more.
  • Affordable professional services are available from Vision Solutions to test your DR readiness, assist with failover and recovery, or even monitor and manage MIMIX DR for you. Click here to learn more.

MIMIX DR gives you the confidence you need to know that your critical data and applications are protected. MIMIX DR instantly replicates every change to data, application and system state on your production server to your recovery server in real time. There is an exact replica of your production server ready to take over whenever necessary. By leveraging the IBM i operating system's remote journaling features with other change capture and replication mechanisms, MIMIX DR ensures that the recovery server is always complete and ready to run.

  • Comprehensive real-time replication to an on-premises, off-site or cloud-based recovery server
  • Eliminates the potential for corruption or gaps in protection that are typical in tape backups and point-in-time copy technologies
  • Allows you to recover data up to the point of failure, supporting more aggressive recovery point objectives
  • Improves your overall disaster recovery strategy with fast, reliable, modern and convenient technology

MIMIX DR provides comprehensive audits to ensure exact, complete and reliable up-to-the-minute recovery. You can stop struggling with frustrating and time consuming multiple tape restore sequences. MIMIX DR is designed to successfully deal with outages and to help your company recover quickly.

  • Provides more robust protection than tape alone, satisfying regulatory mandates and/or meeting stringent supply chain partner or customer access requirements
  • Continuously detects and repairs any differences in the data between your production and recovery servers
  • Gives you complete confidence that you can failover to your recovery server in the event of any production server failure, site failure or natural disaster
  • Expands visibility into your replicated data

MIMIX DR offers users an intuitive interface for configuration, monitoring and control that makes operation and maintenance easy and quick – even for non-technical operators.

  • The intuitive browser-based interface is customisable to meet your needs and working style
  • Enables configuration, monitoring and management from any location and any device that has a browser
  • Provides an at-a-glance status view as well as email alerts to enable unattended monitoring
  • Gives you on-demand visibility into the protection status of your business data, with wizards to guide you through adding libraries, folders and directories into replication using best practices
  • Speeds problem resolution with fly-over help text
  • Allows you to manage your DR solution in just minutes per day


MIMIX DR is the advanced disaster recovery solution for small to medium-sized businesses. Using trusted and proven MIMIX technology, your important data and applications are replicated in real time to a waiting recovery server. This recovery server can be located on-premises, off-site or in the cloud. If a failure occurs on your production server, access to your recovery server is quick and uncomplicated.

MIMIX DR ensures that your mission-critical data, applications and server state information are protected right up to the point of failure. In the event of a failure, MIMIX DR allows you to quickly failover to your recovery server.

  • One way real-time replication from a production server to a recovery server
  • Replicates all objects including files, data areas, data queues, IFS files, hard links, programs, user profiles, device configurations, spool files, triggers, constraints and more
  • Scheduled object-level audits of replicated data with self-healing along with backup server monitoring
  • Easy, intuitive configuration, monitoring and control using the browser-based Vision Solutions Portal interface
  • Checklist-based failover and recovery
  • Available for entry-level IBM i servers on-premises, off-site or in the cloud. Contact your Vision Solutions representative to learn more about supported Power Server configurations.

MIMIX DR failover and recovery process:

As employees work and use your IBM i production server, MIMIX DR replicates every change they make to your data, applications and system state in real time to a waiting recovery server. The recovery server can be located on-premises, off-site or in the cloud.

MIMIX DR in action

If the production server fails, your users will lose their connection to the system and replication to the recovery server will end.

MIMIX DR in action

Because MIMIX DR has maintained a replica of your production server up to the point of failure, you can move operations to the recovery server. Simply follow the steps in your runbook to failover to the recovery server and resume operations. Please note that there is no replication protection in place during this time.

MIMIX DR in action

Once you have repaired your original production server, acquired a new server or obtained a hosted server, it is time to recover to that "new" production server. Vision Solutions services are available to assist you with failback to the server and data recovery.

MIMIX DR in action

After the recovery, your users operate on the "new" production server. Replication from the production to the recovery server resumes. Your business is protected from future outages or disaster recovery events.

MIMIX DR in action