The latest and most powerful releases of Double-Take for AIX provide reliable, affordable Disaster Recovery and High Availability capabilities that meet the widest range of recovery time and recovery point objectives. Learn more about Double-Take RecoverNow for AIX and Double-Take Availability for AIX.

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New features in Double-Take for AIX 4.0

At-a-glance monitoring and intuitive control
The Vision Solutions Portal (VSP) now provides at-a-glance monitoring and intuitive control of the replication and CDP functionality in Double-Take RecoverNow and Double-Take Availability for AIX. Double-Take Availability’s clustering functionality is managed through this Java-based user interface.

The VSP is a time saver for setup, configuration and monitoring, and provides control from any device through a powerful, graphical UI. When run on Windows, the VSP offers centralised enterprise management for multiple instances of Double-Take RecoverNow for AIX and MIMIX Availability for IBM i. VSP is built on an industry-standard portal architecture, with user-selected portlets that can be arranged to provide a customised view of your organisation’s disaster recovery environment.

Video Case Study from Vision SolutionsImproved Recovery Point Objective (RPO) during idle periods
Double-Take RecoverNow and Double-Take Availability for AIX now meet more aggressive Recovery Point Objectives through a new “Sync when Ready” option that allows administrators to configure criteria for more frequent replication during idle periods. Sync when Ready synchronises Logical File Containers based on specified criteria, rather than waiting for them to fill during times of low system activity.

Support for IPv6
Double-Take RecoverNow for AIX supports IPv6 for connectivity between production, recovery and replicated servers. Management of Double-Take RecoverNow through the VSP can also be conducted over IPv6. This support gives you all the benefits of IPv6, including additional security features and a large IP address space.

PowerHA Integration Guide
Double-Take RecoverNow for AIX now comes with an integration guide that describes how to integrate IBM PowerHA for AIX and Double-Take RecoverNow to provide full featured HA with off-site disaster recovery protection and any point in time recovery using CDP.

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