Vision’s newest release of MIMIX Availability provides increased replication and audit performance, strengthens data integrity through enhanced monitoring and repair and provides comprehensive analysis and reporting capabilities through the Vision Solutions Portal (VSP) and iOptimize system optimisation feature. Learn more about MIMIX Availability.

“In ten years of using MIMIX, I’ve seen Vision deliver improved replication speed, data synchronisation, and backup protection in every release. MIMIX 7.1 builds on the performance increases we received from MIMIX 7 with additional replication and auditing performance gains for our HA environment. Service and support gave me everything I needed. I couldn’t ask for more.”

Michael Martin, Systems Administrator, Alex Lee, Inc.

The increased replication and audit speeds found in MIMIX Availability 7.1 raise the bar in performance to support the most stringent scalability and RTO/RPO requirements.

“MIMIX Availability 7.1 demonstrated dramatically faster replication when installed in one of the largest IBM i computing environments in Brazil, comprised of 14 replication environments with 28 LPARs, reducing the time required to process their apply backlog by 75%. The Vision Solutions Portal also provides a convenient way to manage their large environment. From one management screen they administer five production environments with 10 LPARS, and from another they administer nine homologation environments with 18 LPARs. It is truly easy. They plan to expand MIMIX’s protection to another three environments with six LPARs.”

Carlos Eduardo, Product Manager, ENALTEC Informática

Increased replication performance

MIMIX Availability’s replication performance has been significantly enhanced in version 7.1 for all users, with truly outstanding gains realised in certain environments.

  • All MIMIX Availability users will benefit from journal reader performance enhancements.
  • Customers with multiple data groups will see a significant improvement in the time required to read the security audit journal due to a reduction in overhead resource contention.
  • Additional improvements will be realised by customers that have long commit cycles by allowing applies during the commit cycle.
  • Environments running applications that frequently rollback changes when users abort in-progress transactions will benefit from improved commit rollback processing within MIMIX’s apply process.
  • Customers who set locks on their target side database will experience a faster recovery time thanks to parallel processing in MIMIX’s setting and releasing of locks
  • Data groups start more quickly after a failover in large IFS environments

Fast and efficient prioritised audits

The addition of priority based auditing allows audits to complete more quickly and efficiently

  • Customisable frequency for audits
  • Separate audit settings for objects based on frequency of change (new, changed, or unchanged) and audit history
  • The end result is audits that complete more quickly and efficiently
MIMIX Audit Schedule Results

MIMIX Availability 7.1 ensures switch confidence by strengthening the protection and integrity of the secondary copy of your data.

“We at Clear Technologies are impressed with the new prioritised auditing feature in MIMIX Availability 7.1. Customers that face challenges auditing their environment due to time or resource constraints can benefit from quicker and more efficient running of audits. In addition, MIMIX's new ability to track the volume of transactions and replication backlog over time could prove eye opening. Customers now have visibility into the peaks and valleys of their replication volume and can analyse the impact on their environment. “

Neil Clark, Senior Consultant, Clear Technologies, Inc.

Data monitoring on the target system

The comprehensive auditing features of MIMIX Availability verify that objects remain in sync between your production system and the target system that holds the secondary copy of your data. Version 7.1 provides another level of protection through continuous monitoring of the data on the target system with real time notification of changes.

  • Objects on the target system are monitored for changes
  • Administrators are notified in real time of changes to objects
  • The user responsible for each change is identified
  • Verifies that objects remain in sync between audits

Automated repair

Along with detecting changes to objects that originate on the target system, MIMIX Availability 7.1 repairs changed objects in real time, based on policy, rather than waiting for a scheduled audit.

  • Object changes that originate on the target system are detected in real time (new, modified or deleted objects)
  • Changed objects are repaired based on policy
  • No waiting until the next scheduled audit

MIMIX Availability 7.1 provides additional administrative power and ease of use to streamline your HA management.

“The prioritised auditing feature in MIMIX Availability 7.1 allows me to control what is audited and when it should be audited. I can just set it and forget it knowing that it will let me know if problems are found. The new iOptimize 7.1 feature is great! In 30 seconds, I found a user that was using too much DASD. iOptimize let me print a graph that showed the user his usage, and he cleaned it up right away.”

Peter Hubby, Sr. Systems Engineer, Cardinal Health

Added analysis and trend reporting

New portlets have been added to the Vision Solutions Portal that give you greater visibility into replicated objects and their audit status, as well as insight into your transaction volume and apply backlogs over time.

  • Detailed lists of all replicated objects
  • Verification of the audit status of each replicated object
  • Graph of transaction volume over time
  • Graph of apply backlog over time

Additional performance and ease of use in the rebranded iOptimize

The MIMIX Availability feature formerly known as MIMIX Director has been renamed iOptimize! This new name highlights the feature’s strengths in analysis, monitoring and optimisation of your System i. In addition to being rebranded, iOptimize v7.1 has been enhanced with new features that streamline its performance and enhance its ease of use and localisability.

  • Streamlined system scanning
  • Actionable metrics in the VSP
  • Localisable health reports
  • Metrics on a custom page
  • New graphical IFS explorer
  • Consolidated metrics
  • Improved customisation
  • Revamped user security
  • System Defaults shown in health report
  • Additional green screen functions incorporated into the VSP
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