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Double-Take Move

Easy AIX migrations, with near-zero downtime

What's New in Double-Take Availability for AIX 4.1?Double-Take Move for AIX uses advanced migration technologies to perform efficient server migrations while your applications remain fully functional. Combined with the expertise of migration specialists from Vision Solutions or one of its business partners, the result is a reliable migration that can be undertaken during normal business hours, without burdening your IT department or business operations.

Double-Take Move enables migrations between physical, virtual, cloud and mixed environments and between differing storage types, hardware models and operating system versions. In addition, because the solution supports remote replication, you can use it to migrate to a new server in a different location – in another data centre or on the other side of the globe.

  • Delivers near-zero downtime migration by replicating the old server to the new server while users remain online
  • Mitigates migration risk by keeping servers in sync while the new server is validated
  • Reduces IT burden through automation that simplifies the migration process, enforces best practices, and reduces the risk of human error
  • Drives down IT overtime costs and frustrations by migrating during business hours and scheduling the cutover at a convenient time
  • Reduces resource strain and risk by relying on migration experience and expertise from Vision Solutions or one of its business partners

After the initial replica is created, Double-Take Move for AIX replicates changes on the old server to the new server in real-time. It continues to do so until the cutover is complete. The initial and continuing replication both occur in the background while users remain active. Only a few minutes are required to perform the cutover.

  • Keep your business applications running during replication with only a few minutes of downtime required to cutover to the new server
  • Reduce downtime costs to almost zero compared to hours or days of downtime costs using traditional migration techniques
  • Protect employee productivity, customer satisfaction and partner relationships by keeping systems online throughout the migration

The combination of advanced replication and failover technology with migration expertise minimises the risks normally associated with migrations.

  • Continuous replication keeps systems in sync during migration testing
  • Virtual roleswap capability allows application testing on the new server without impact on the production environment
  • Automation eliminates many sources of human error
  • Reverse replication ensures that you can return to the original production server if necessary without data loss
  • Years of experience gained through a proven track record of successful migrations helps to avoid common migration errors

Double-Take Move for AIX employs Vision Solutions’ powerful replication and failover technology to automate most migration tasks. Migration experts assist you with planning your migration, install and configure the software, and assist with migration tasks.

Real-time replication

  • Enables migration to the new server during work hours
  • Keeps servers in sync until it’s convenient to schedule the cutover
  • Reduces IT overtime costs and frustration


  • Reduces manual workload
  • Enforces industry best practices
  • Speeds the cutover to the new system
  • Reduces the overall elapsed time required to complete the migration

Outside expertise

  • Takes advantage of years of experience to perform migrations efficiently
  • Frees your IT staff to fulfil other business requirements
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Double-Take Move for AIX can migrate between sources and targets that use differing Power Systems models, storage hardware and operating system versions, making upgrades easy and eliminating vendor lock-in.

  • Perform migrations between any combination of physical, virtual and cloud platforms
  • Migrate between different versions of IBM AIX and/or different Power Systems models, including IBM PureFlex environments
  • Migrate between storage from different vendors
  • Move operations to a new data centre with minimal downtime
  • Facilitate server consolidations with many-to-one migrations

As part of a Double-Take Move for AIX migration project, a migration expert from Vision Solutions or one of its partners will help you plan the migration to ensure that it meets your goals, install and configure the software, and work with you through testing and cutover.

Double-Take Move begins by replicating all the data and applications on an existing AIX server to a new AIX server. All replication processes run in the background. Consequently, it is not necessary to stop operations while replication is occurring. The replication processes continue to replicate any changes applied to the old server to the new server in real-time to keep them in sync.

The initial server copy process is performed with WAN-optimised, compression-enabled, asynchronous replication to minimise impact on production performance and bandwidth usage. Because the replication is performed asynchronously, production transactions don’t have to wait for the associated replication to complete.

Because replication continues after the initial copying of the server is complete, you can spend as long as necessary to verify the accuracy and switch-readiness of the new server, without losing any data or incurring any additional downtime. Virtual roleswap capabilities enable testing of the new server in its new environment without impacting operations on the existing server.

When you are confident that the new server is ready to assume the production role, an automated cutover process minimises the required downtime. The cutover can be scheduled for whenever it’s most convenient for your organisation. Reverse replication allows a quick restoration, if required, to further mitigate your risks.