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Windows and Linux

TMC Marine
TMC Marine’s consulting business depends on pictures, videos, documents and other online data that, in total, consume about five terabytes of storage—and growing constantly. Irrecoverably losing files would, to put it mildly, be a serious blow to the company. TMC needed a way to protect its online information, not just from minor local issues, but also from disasters that might strike its primary data centre.

Leicestershire County Council
Leicestershire County wanted to refresh its technology by switching its servers and SAN storage from Sun to Dell. It also wanted to change its virtualisation platform from VMware to Microsoft Hyper-V, to eliminate £20,000 per year of VMware licensing and support costs because Hyper-V is included with Microsoft Windows Server.

Extrinsica Global
From the outside, the cloud seems nebulous, but under the covers it’s unquestionably concrete. When Extrinsica Global needed to move one customer’s data and applications from a legacy data centre to a new one, it required a tool that would allow it to complete the move quickly, easily, cost-effectively and without downtime that would affect the customer’s operations.

Data Store 365 Limited
One of Datastore365’s new customers was already using virtual servers in another service provider’s cloud. Datastore365 needed a cost-effective way to migrate all of the customer’s data and applications to new virtual servers in its own cloud, with minimal downtime, and without any assistance from the incumbent cloud provider.

Clarion Case Study
Clarion is a law firm that required a new platform for its disaster recovery requirements, ensuring that critical data was protected and that applications could be up and running as soon as possible after any failure event. Included within this was the need for a cost-effective and reliable solution that would not require too much management overhead. Clarion deployed Double-Take Availability to protect both their virtual and physical servers and their SAN. Clarion now has a full disk-to-disk DR platform in place that can provide fast restoration of services in the event of any incident.

Hampden Group Case Study
Hampden Group required an update to its business continuity plan that could meet its requirements for real-time data protection, reduced recovery time objectives and simplified management. Support for virtual and physical server platforms was also required.

Booking Services International (BSI) Case Study
BSI wanted to improve its business continuity plan for its key applications, which ran on both virtualised and physical servers. The company also had to deal with bandwidth limitations, which had the potential to limit any continuity planning strategy.

FujiFilm Case Study
As one of the world’s leading contract manufacturing organisations for the biopharmaceutical industry, Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies has to meet stringent industry regulations and client requirements for business continuity. When the company implemented a virtual data centre it looked to optimise its recovery point and time objectives with a real-time replication DR solution.

Infinis Case Study
Project Summary: Renewable energy company Infinis needed to protect its critical applications in real time. The company chose Double-Take Availability for its data replication capabilities, ensuring that information is protected as it is created. Infinis is one of the largest renewable energy companies in the UK, providing more than eight per cent of the country’s total renewable energy. With more than eighty sites across the UK, the company has developed a portfolio of renewable energy sites, producing energy from landfill gas and wind.

Apollo Group
With offices distributed across the UK, The Apollo Group’s employees use the company’s IT systems to collaborate on projects both large and small. Access to information and files is critical to the successful delivery of projects, therefore these systems must be available at all times. To protect these applications and data, and to ensure fast recovery in the event of a failure, a full business continuity strategy was required.

Canopius is an insurance and reinsurance company based within Lloyd’s of London. The company has grown its financial resources to over £400million, and Canopius Managing Agents is the largest privately-held managing agent within Lloyd’s. As part of its growth strategy, Canopius has expanded its business both by acquisition and by organic development. However, the increase of business-to-business communications across the Internet meant that the company had to re-evaluate its IT strategy for the future, including how it approached business continuity. The company’s charges for data vaulting had gone up considerably as data volumes expanded. This level of cost pushed Canopius into considering new storage options.

Cavendish Maine
Cavendish Maine’s Bristol office supports a network of remote users all of whom rely on the central network and email services as a critical source of information and means of communication. Should users be unable to log on to the network and access the database that holds client and candidate information, they would be unable to perform their work. In addition, loss of the email service would seriously impact their ability to provide the level of service expected by their clients. Read how Cavendish Maine protects their critical domain controller and email servers with Double-Take® Software.

Rouse International & Co Ltd
Rouse is a leading global intellectual property (IP) consultancy and law firm. Established in 1990, the company now has more than 550 employees, including lawyers, patent and trade mark attorneys and specialist IP investigators, working in 20 offices around the world. The company provides a range of IP services, from registration to commercialisation and enforcement. Long-standing clients include many of the world’s foremost IP owners such as GlaxoSmithKline, Harley-Davidson, Google, adidas, Sony Ericsson and BP plc.

Derbyshire County Council
Providing customers with the service they expect means having access to information as it is required. When you are dealing with sensitive citizen data, this need for protection only gets stronger. Staff at the various departments across Derbyshire Country Council are responsible for handling inquiries and transactions across a wide variety of fields, from social services and employment support through to education and public safety decision-making.

Matrix Group
In the competitive, fast-paced world of financial services, the ability to offer quality service is a crucial differentiator. An organisation’s IT infrastructure is key to ensuring that employees have the right information and applications available to them, allowing them to deliver on client requirements. The Matrix Group is no exception – with operations across investment banking, hedge fund management and project finance, IT plays a vital role in how the company services its customers. After going through the solutions available Matrix IT chose Double-Take® Software to provide the core replication platform at the heart of their new DR strategy.

Premier Asset Management
Premier is one of the largest privately held fund management companies in the UK, providing clients with a range of services around funds, investment trusts and portfolio management. The company had to invest heavily in new servers and applications to support its business after a rapid expansion in staff. This represented a challenge for the company’s IT team, as any incident of downtime would affect Premier’s ability to serve customers.

Workload Portability ~ Physical to Virtual Migration with VMware Infrastructure: Fernando Zangrande noted, "We are very satisfied with Double-Take Software for the simple fact that although we evaluated other software, no other software was as simple as Double-Take. Their workload portability solution for migrations was easy, cost-effective and the best solution out there."

Bird & Bird ensures continuity of email with Double-Take®
International law firm Bird & Bird aims to provide a unique service based on an extensive knowledge of key industry sectors and legal practice. The London office supports over 250 lawyers all of whom rely on email as a critical means of communication with clients and others. For these individuals, any outage of the email service would have a serious impact on their ability to provide the high quality work and level of service that their clients expect. Whilst the firm employs a clustered Exchange system and a reliable storage platform to support its staff and maintain availability of email, there was still a risk that a full site failure would lead to messages not being received and service being affected. The firm therefore decided as part of the business continuity planning to evaluate and review replication tools to provide an additional level of protection.

Learning Assistant Ltd
Leading the field in online assessment for vocational qualifications, Learning Assistant has enabled thousands of learners to get qualified since 2002. Over the last two years, the company has experienced faster than projected growth, thanks partly to a number of innovations made by their software development team. What Learning Assistant needed was the most resilient and scalable system they could find, which took up the least amount of physical space, used the least amount of power, and of course, still be the most cost effective solution. Finally, the system had to pretty much run itself, and be manageable by in-house staff.

City of Airdrie
Working with a DR consultant, the City of Airdrie looked at several DR products to meet their needs. One of the key requirements was real-time data replication and failover for remote availability. Once they evaluated the Double-Take® Software suite of products, it was an easy decision for the DR team. "Double-Take was a great fit for our organisation because it provided all of the required capabilities for remote availability in one product," said Paul Hurst, Network Administrator, City of Airdrie. "Due to its flexibility, real-time data replication, and automatic failover, Double-Take was the solution of choice to complement our backup and restore strategy."

Unicorn IT
Until now only large enterprises could afford to replicate their software and data files in real time to a secure remote recovery site. Unicorn IT, a leading provider of managed IT solutions for small and medium-size businesses (SMBs), teamed up with Double-Take software, the leader in real time replication software, to provide an enterprise-level, yet affordable, business continuity service to SMBs which does just that.

Carlsberg Group
Carlsberg's Leeds operation is one of the company's two major breweries in the UK. With supplies of 'probably the best lager in the world' at stake, Carlsberg couldn't afford to leave their business continuity plans to chance. By implementing the Double-Take solution at their Leeds brewery, Carlsberg now has total confidence that their brewing processes will not be interrupted by IT failures, which in turn delivers assurance of continuity of supply to retailers and the nation’s beer drinkers.

Multimedia International Services
Real time data protection and failover: Multimedia International Services operates the UK’s largest electronic point of purchase advertising network. With installations in many UK Post Offices, private hospitals and leisure facilities, the company helps up to 18,000 local businesses advertise on highly visible digital screens in a range of busy locations. After a SAN corruption kept them out of business for four days, Multimedia International Services knew they needed to eliminate the single points of failure within their IT infrastructure. After trying to do this unsuccessfully for seven months with a competitor’s product, they selected Double-Take Software and successfully implemented in a day and a half. They now protect Exchange, database, web, reporting, content management, and BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) with Double-Take.

Scan Alarms & Security Systems (UK) Ltd
Local high availability: Scan Alarms & Security Systems, one of the largest privately owned electronic security companies in Northern Ireland, realised the need for local high availability when their aging RAID controller failed, causing Scan to be without important customer data for nearly three days. Shortly thereafter, Scan purchased Double-Take for fail-proof business continuity. Read their story.

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC)
Failover and Protection for Exchange and BES: NCMEC is unique for many reasons, one being a 24-hour, toll-free Hotline for the recovery of missing children in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Justice. When a child goes missing, 24x7 action is crucial and the availability of business-critical applications is vital to that process. Like many organisations today, NCMEC’s BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) is one of those critical applications. Their BES allows for constant communication and information sharing when looking for a missing child. Therefore, uptime (or minimising downtime) is an essential part of their overall disaster recovery plan.

MWABank wanted to leverage the benefits of virtualisation while providing a true disaster recovery plan with real-time data protection, high availability and recovery. After reviewing several products, MWABank decided that the combination of Dell’s hardware, VMware’s virtual machines and Double-Take Software’s replication technology was a no-brainer. Read their story today.

Legal Services of New York
The LSNY programs and projects began during the War on Poverty of the 1960's. Now, LSNY is the largest provider of civil legal services to low-income persons in the United States. Each year, LSNY's programs serve thousands of low-income clients throughout New York City in the full range of their legal needs. Their challenge was to ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster; and to centralise information, applications and IT administration across a decentralised organisation.

Brookfield Asset Management
Remote failover with strict RPO and RTO objectives: Implementing Double-Take has allowed Brookfield to streamline their disaster recovery and business continuity exercises. Double-Take dramatically reduces the effort involved in recovering if an outage should occur and has given the team confidence that they will be able to minimise downtime and application interruption if something should happen. “Double-Take was able to meet our strict RTO and RPO objectives at a very low cost,” said Stephane Deschenes, Director of IS at Brookfield. Read the full case study today.

Northcliffe Newspapers Group Limited
Northcliffe Newspapers Group Ltd is one of the largest and most successful regional newspaper publishers in the UK. Established in 1928, Northcliffe is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Daily Mail & General Trust and produces more than 9 million newspapers in an average week. For many years Northcliffe have been successfully using PC server technology for the production of publications. Resilience and uptime had been managed by using a combination of RAID technology and redundant servers that could be brought on line relatively quickly. For two key reasons their existing strategy was not going to be good enough to meet the future requirements. Read their story today.

Kainos Software Limited
Kainos is an eBusiness and customer relationship management specialist with a 15 year track record in providing leading edge technology solutions for customers in the Financial Services, Telecommunications, Utilities and Retail sectors. Kainos wanted to address the problem of replicating data between Windows based systems for the purposes of disaster recovery, and resiliency in a number of different ways.

Allied Bakeries
Allied Bakeries manufactures leading brands Kingsmill, Allinson, Sunblest and Burgen, and has approximately a third share of the bread market in the UK. Being in the fast consumer goods business means that all orders are handled and dispatched daily through an electronic processing system, which must remain up and running 24 hours a day.In order to mitigate the risk of a breakdown in the order processing system, it was decided to seek a robust backup data replication process to ensure that a viable contingency operation could spring into action in the event of a system failure.

Cofathec Heatsave
Access to data is vital for any company, whether it is Exchange, SQL or just file data, without it most companies are unable to operate efficiently – this can lead to lost revenues and infuriated customers. Cofathec Heatsave is a leading provider of integrated energy and facilities solutions in the UK. The IT director at Cofathec Heatsave, tasked Insite with providing a business continuity solution that would provide comprehensive protection against two key scenarios: an environmental failure of the computer room at the head office in London and also a single application or business critical server failure

McVey & Murricane
Business Continuity: With a varied and increasing workload, further complicated by compliance obligations placed on the firm by its work with larger ‘corporate’ clients, McVey & Murricane (M&M) recognised the need for a more resilient IT infrastructure. M&M selected Xpedient Business Solutions as its preferred consultant and worked with them to develop and implement an innovative and cost-effective solution centred around Double-Take.

IBM Power Systems

Arion Bank
Arion Bank needed to upgrade its IBM i-based Power Systems server. Traditionally, companies had to shut systems down for many hours, if not a couple of days, to complete a hardware and operating system upgrade. However, that much downtime is unacceptable for a bank that, like Arion Bank, makes its banking systems available to customers and staff around the clock, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Oliver Adams
Oliver Adams knows that when it comes to craft-baked goods, minutes matter. So protecting against any delays caused by computer system downtime is a vital ingredient to its success.

Staples runs its global business operations, including systems that support 24x7 Web sales, on System i servers. Because competitors are just a click away, any business stoppage will result in considerable lost sales and customer dissatisfaction. Staples needs its systems up and running no matter what, including during scheduled maintenance and unplanned system outages.

In the event of a failure of its business-critical systems, safety specialist Klaus Kroschke Holding GmbH & Co. KG was relying on recovery procedures involving a high degree of manual intervention. To support a mixed environment with both IBM System i5 and Microsoft Windows environments, the company looked for a solution that would provide recovery from failure within two hours and introduce enhanced system resilience.