iTERA 6.1 High Availability




Vision Solutions is committed to providing reliable, affordable, easy to use availability solutions for the SMB market. The release of iTERA Availability 6.1 offers significant new features and enhancements that provide faster replication, stronger audit technology, and simpler installation, configuration, and control.

“As an iTERA Availability user who has routinely upgraded our software over the past four years, I appreciate the streamlined installation process in version 6.1. It reduces the number of steps required to perform an upgrade, allows me to manage the updates on both systems at the same time, and gives me a GUI interface for managing the process. Downloading updates to my PC with FTP is easy, and it frees up space on our IBM i.”

John Dunn, Systems Administrator, Frost Cutlery

Faster, more resilient replication and virtual role swap recovery

Faster, more resilient replication

  • iTERA 6.1 incorporates IBM’s proven, trusted Remote Journaling
  • 260+ DDM-based processes converted to journal-based process
  • Allows iTERA to switch to the backup system more quickly

Faster Virtual Role Swap

  • Virtual Role Swap resynchronises backup system after HA readiness test
  • Potential significant improvements to role swap recovery due to use of IBM journaling
  • Makes Virtual Role Swaps easier in high transaction environments

“Our goal at ABM Industries is to automate our HA and minimize daily housekeeping. The new audit technology available in iTERA Availability 6.1 is user friendly, and the reporting tool has been very useful in identifying any issues. Both help us meet our goal.”

Jim Marshall, Systems Administrator, ABM Industries Inc.

Stronger audit technology and reporting

Enhanced audit technology

  • Incorporates Vision’s best-of-breed IBM i audit technology
  • Dramatically boosts performance and scalability
  • Significantly enhanced file and IFS data auditing

Increased audit coverage

  • Includes over 200 objects and attributes
  • Handles LOB data and stored procedures

New reporting features

  • Visibility into queued and active audits
  • Results from past audits on an object level
  • Repair history

“iTERA Availability 6.1 has worked well for MaddenCo. The team from Vision Solutions assisted with upgrade implementation and monitoring. They were very knowledgeable, and handled any issues in a professional and timely manner. We have been very pleased with the new release.”

Kim Angermeier, CEO, MaddenCo Inc.

Smarter installation, configuration and control

Streamlined installation and upgrades

  • Wizard-based install
  • Initial setup reduced from 20+ steps to 8 steps
  • Install or upgrade all LPARS simultaneously
  • Jobs are started automatically without setting up job scheduler entries for key product processes
  • Consistent installation package size ensures consistent install times
  • No install time penalty when skipping service packs

Consolidated configuration panel

  • Easy configuration management with new consolidated configuration panel
  • Consolidates over 200 unique policies representing 900 unique values
  • Simplifies lookup of policy settings

Expanded on-line help

  • Significant expansion of on-line help (F1)
  • Additional F1 support for 50+ of the most frequently used 5250 screens
  • Content consistent with user and reference guides